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Potlatch provides Hotlines, described below, to assure that all employees and the general public have an opportunity to report any suspected breach of established policies and procedures. Anonymity of reporting parties will be respected, and all reports will be fully investigated. When you send a message using any of these methods, you will receive back a 14 to 16-digit code that can be used to access the status of your message. Potlatch may also use this to ask you, with complete confidentially, additional information regarding this issue.

Ethics Helpline
Phone: 866.290.3787, Selection #1

Potlatch's Code of Conduct and Ethics Policy outlines Potlatch's policies on specific issues related to business conduct. It reaffirms our continuing commitment to integrity as our way of doing business. If questions regarding the application of the Code of Conduct arise, or if an employee learns of or suspects any illegal or unethical conduct or any other violations of this Code, the employee should discuss the issue with his or her supervisor. An employee may also contact a representative of the Human Resources Department or the Legal Department. If the employee feels that such a discussion would be inappropriate, if the employee is still concerned after speaking with any of the individuals named above, or if the employee wishes to remain anonymous and without fear of retribution or retaliation, then the employee is encouraged to use the Ethics Hotline.


Audit Committee/Whistleblower Hotline
Phone: 866.290.3787, Selection #2. You may also click here to access an Internet-based message interface that will deliver a message to the Audit Committee Chair of Potlatch Corporation.

The Audit Committee of Potlatch's Board of Directors has established procedures to accommodate complaints and concerns about Potlatch's accounting, internal controls and auditing matters by two different groups: (1) employees, who are entitled to confidential and anonymous treatment; and (2) third parties (such as competitors, vendors and consumers), who are not entitled to confidential and anonymous treatment. These procedures Audit Committee Procedures provide for a toll-free number, called the "whistleblower hotline" to a third party hot-line service, which will interview the caller and deliver a written report directly to the Chair of the Audit Committee. If the complaint pertains to accounting, internal controls or auditing matters, the Chair of the Audit Committee will undertake an investigation of the complaint and make recommendations to management regarding any corrective action that should be taken. In conducting the investigation, the Chair of the Audit Committee will determine whether the investigation should include the entire Audit Committee and whether the investigation should be conducted by internal Potlatch personnel or by outside advisors.

Environmental, Health and Safety Hotline
Phone: 866.290.3787, Selection #3

Potlatch has long maintained a strong commitment to environmental health and safety and considers it an integral part of the company's business philosophy. This commitment is articulated in Potlatch's Commitment to Environmental, Health and Safety Responsibility, a set of principles focuses on key areas of forest resource stewardship, energy efficiency, waste minimization and utilization, pollution prevention, and protection of the health and safety of our employees, customers and the communities in which Potlatch operates. The company is committed to a process by which any employee of the company may communicate his or her concerns regarding the company's compliance with environmental, health and safety laws and regulations on an anonymous basis (if they so choose) and without fear of retribution. A notice of the purposes and availability of the hotline has been posted on employee bulletin boards which are readily accessible to all employees.

To anonymously follow up on your message, please click here.

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