Dividend Tax Information
         2015 IRS Form 8937
         2012 IRS Form 8937


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$48.10  + 0.40 up   (0.839%)
Day Range:
47.40 - 48.38
52-week Range:
35.38 - 48.85
4:00 PM ET on Jul 21, 2017
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Mark J. Benson
Vice President, Public Affairs
Michael J. Covey
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
Eric J. Cremers
President and Chief Operating Officer
William R. DeReu
Vice President, Real Estate Division & Lake States Resource
Jerald W. Richards
Vice President and Chief Financial Officer
Robert L. Schwartz
Vice President, Human Resources
Lorrie D. Scott
Vice President, General Counsel and Corporate Secretary
Thomas J. Temple
Vice President, Wood Products Division & SouthernResource

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