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Mark J. Benson
Vice President, Public Affairs

Mark Benson was elected vice president of public affairs in 2006. He previously served as Potlatch's director of public affairs and in various positions in our forestry and manufacturing operations. Mr. Benson has been with Potlatch since 1977.

Michael J. Covey
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

Michael Covey has served as Chief Executive Officer since 2006 and Chairman of the Board since 2007. Mr. Covey served as President and Chief Executive Officer from 2006 to 2013.  Before joining Potlatch, Mr. Covey was executive vice president at Plum Creek Timber Company Inc., where he worked for 23 years.

Eric J. Cremers
President and Chief Operating Officer

Eric Cremers is President and Chief Operating Officer of the Company.  Mr. Cremers was appointed to the Board of Directors in March, 2013.  Mr. Cremers served as  Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer from 2012 to 2013, and Vice President, Finance and Chief Financial Officer from 2007 to 2012. Mr. Cremers was previously senior vice president of corporate strategy and business development for Albertsons, Inc. and prior to that, managing director, investment banking for Piper Jaffray.

William R. DeReu
Vice President, Real Estate Division & Lake States Resource

William DeReu was elected vice president of our real estate division in 2006. Prior to joining Potlatch, Mr. DeReu served as the director of national land asset management services at Plum Creek Timber Company, where he held a variety of land asset management positions between 1997 and 2006.

Jerald W. Richards
Vice President and Chief Financial Officer

Jerry Richards was elected Vice President and Chief Financial Officer of the Company in September, 2013.  Prior to joining the Company, Mr. Richards held a variety of positions at Weyerhaeuser Company, including, Chief Accounting Officer from 2010 to 2013.  Prior to joining Weyerhaeuser, Mr. Richards served in various audit positions with KPMG LLP where he worked with a number of forest products companies including Potlatch. 

Robert L. Schwartz
Vice President, Human Resources

Robert Schwartz was elected vice president of human resources in 2014. Previously, Mr. Schwartz served as director, human resources from 2009 to 2013. Before joining Potlatch Mr. Schwartz was human resources business partner for Chevron; human resources manager for UNOCAL; regional human resources manager for RR Donnelly; and human resources generalist for Toshiba.

Lorrie D. Scott
Vice President, General Counsel and Corporate Secretary

Lorrie Scott was elected vice president, general counsel and corporate secretary in July 2010. Prior to joining Potlatch, she held a variety of positions at Weyerhaeuser Company including senior vice president and general counsel for Weyerhaeuser Realty Investors.

Thomas J. Temple
Vice President, Wood Products Division & SouthernResource

Thomas Temple joined Potlatch as a vice president in 2008 and was elected vice president of wood products in 2009. Prior to joining Potlatch, he held numerous senior operating, sales and resource management positions during his 27 year career in the forest products industry.

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